TSX 10A spare charger order page

This spare charger, batteries and earphone/mic set work with either the TSX300 series or the TSX100 series. You get one dual bay charger base, two batteries, and two earpiece/mics for just $35 plus $7 shipping.

We also have the 12v cigarette lighter cord that plugs into the back of the charger base so you can use any 12v DC source with a cigarette lighter socket to charge your batteries, including any solar power panels we sell. The cord is just $10 each.

Here is the folding solar panel called Nomad 7 from Goal Zero. It comes with a cigarette lighter socket for charging this radio so if you have the 12v cord above and this 2 cell 7 watt panel you can trickle charge up to 2 batteries or radios with batteries in the field. Your price is just $80.00 when you order radios.