TSX 100R 2VP order page

Each quantity of 1 gets you 2 radios, dual desk top charger, 110v adaptor, 2  750 Mah batteries, user manual. Your cost is $95.00 plus shipping
You can change the quantity you want when you get to Paypal. You can use a credit card or debit card even if you are not a member of Paypal. The shipping will be calculated by the PayPal shopping cart and goes down per pair as you increase the quantity.

We also have the 12v cigarette lighter cord that plugs into the back of the charger base so you can use any 12v DC source with a cigarette lighter socket to charge your batteries, including any solar power panels we sell. The cord is just $10 each.

Here is the folding solar panel called Nomad 7 from Goal Zero. It comes with a cigarette lighter socket for charging this radio so if you have the 12v cord above and this 2 cell 7 watt panel you can trickle charge up to 2 batteries or radios with batteries in the field. Your price is just $80.00 when you order radios.

This radio comes with the same charger and batteries as the TSX300r-2VP but does NOT come with the earphone/mics.