PulsePower recharges to full capacity EVERY TIME.
Replacing batteries is expensive! Now PulsePower gives you the ability to dramatically reduce battery replacement costs. And, the battery you now have just might be the last one you will buy, thereby saving the environment too!
Testimonials ......
"Both my mother and I bought PULSE POWERTM battery chargers last month and are thrilled at how quickly and easily they work.'
  Sharon TAYLOR, Seattle, Wa

"I highly recommend this (PULSE POWERTM) product."
  Eric Engebretson, Network Field Engineer, United States Cellular

"I highly approve of this product and recommend that anyone interested in saving both the environment and money should consider it."
  D.W. Alwood, Buyer,Public Utility District of Grays Harbor,WA

"My PULSE POWERTM is a real winner. I wish that I had purchased one a long time ago."
  Peter Tountas,Woodinville, WA

"The charger has performed as well as your literature claims, and maybe then some. We have really put the charger through an acid test - by collecting Ni-Cd batteries (from the waste bins) and reviving them to FULL health! The ability to drop a battery on the charger anytime for a top-up is a real convenience, and the fact that it takes less than an hour to get fully recharged is a real office crowd pleaser...Thanks again for a truly fine product."
  Bert Ostergren, Technical Engineer

"Every customer and AT&TTM employee that is using these chargers is extremely satisfied. The cell site technicians that have them will not use any other form of charger."
  David Beede, Technician, AT&TTM Wireless

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