Conventional chargers cause your battery to lose some capacity each time you charge it until there is no capacity left. The battery is then considered dead. This is the result of Memory Effect. Since PulsePower eliminates the Memory Effect (along with other features) your battery will recharge to full capacity for many years.
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The PULSE POWERTM secret is our patented "Negative-Pulse" (discharge) segment of the charge cycle. PULSE POWERTM micro-conditions the battery each and every second by redirecting the gas particles which migrate to the charging plates, eliminating the damaging effect of charge plate oxidation. This eliminates the need to deep discharge a battery before recharging to erase the impending "memory effect". With PULSE POWERTM you can "Top Off" the battery anytime, without concern for overcharging or overheating.

By eliminating deep discharging, PULSE POWERTM charges the battery to 100% capacity every time in approximately 1 hour. "Memory effect" is totally eliminated, as are the problems related to over and under discharged batteries.

PULSE POWERTM is the only charging system that PROPERLY monitors temperature to eliminate damage caused by overcharging/overheating. This is especially important when rapid charging Ni-MH batteries which are extremely susceptible to damage from overheating.

PULSE POWERTM determines when the battery has reached full charge by detecting the exact time that voltage stops increasing. This is "VOLTAGE INFLECTION TERMINATION", the absolute best way to terminate - or stop - charging cycle.

Upon completion of a normal charge sequence PULSE POWERTM automatically initiates a maintenance mode to keep the battery fully charged.THIS IS NOT A TRICKLE CHARGE! The maintenance mode performs one "Negative-Pulse" charge cycle every 15 - 45 seconds, depending on the model, just enough to keep the battery at a full charge.

It also doesn't matter at what charge level the battery is at when you want to recharge it. With PULSE POWERTM put the battery on when you want, take it off when you want, or leave it on as long as you want, without fear of overcharging or overheating. The battery is always ready and is at OPTIMAL maximum charge when you need it!

The benefits are many including increased talk time, standby time, less dropped calls and longer battery life. PULSE POWERTM eliminates premature disposal of batteries, saves money spent on new batteries and protects our precious environment by dramatically reducing the millions of batteries going into landfills every year. This is the first time in the history of Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries that the user is in control of the battery instead of the battery controlling the user.

Its compact one piece design utilizing a patented MAGNETIC LATCH SYSTEM for the battery makes PULSE POWERTM truly "user friendly". There are NO ....switches to set, NO....dials to turn and NO....buttons to push. PULSE POWERTM is supported by four status lights....the Green Ready Light pulses after the battery is charged and ready to use; the Yellow Charging Light pulses while the battery is charging; the Orange Overheat Light indicates battery temperature has risen to an unsafe charging level. When this occurs, PULSE POWERTM automatically terminates the charging sequence and switches to maintenance mode and begins recharging again when the battery has cooled to a safe level. The Red Defective Light comes on only if the battery shows indications of damage and can no longer be charged.

Don't dispose of those useless old batteries until you use PULSE POWERTM. 50% to 75% of the time PULSE POWERTM will restore "dead batteries" (batteries that have developed "memory effect") to original or near original capacity after just 4 or 5 recharges. Unfortunately - batteries with shorted or leaky cells usually cannot be saved.

PULSE POWERTM comes standard with dual power source: 117V household and 12V auto/marine cigarette lighter adapters.

PULSE POWERTM is designed and manufactured in the USA and comes with a 3 year "No Hassle" warranty. An investment in PULSE POWERTM ensures your battery will always be ready when needed whole extending the life of the battery 5 to 10 times.

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