The PulsePower Micro-Conditioning technology constantly monitors the battery and actually senses power loss exceeding C/40. It automatically restarts the charge sequence, maintaining a fully charged battery when left in the charger for minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. Until recently, pulse charging was only available on advanced battery analyzer equipment, Costing several times more than a PulsePower system.


  • PULSE POWERTM's unique pulsed soft-start conditions the battery for 2 minutes prior to fast charge
  • Reverse pulse charging conditions the battery in fast charge, topping and maintenence charge
  • During every second of fast charge, quiet time battery data acquired by the precision 13-bit delta-sigma A-to-D converter is supplied to the on-chip 16-bit microprocessor which calclates the battery's exact state of charge.
  • PULSE POWERTM's algorithms determine the moment the battery has reached peak capacity
  • Efficiency of electrolite is improved
  • The decision to end fast charge is based on data collected throughout the charging process
  • Seven unique features work together to provide more energy in the battery while keeping the battery cool for long life using less input energy
  • No other off-the-shelf, single chip charge IC has any of the above features
  • Minimizing charge heat keeps pressure and mechanical stresses low that cause premature, unexpected battery failures and significantly improves recharge cycle life, up to 3000 recharges and allows a battery to both store and maintain peak charge
  • Prevents "memory effects" and eliminates dendrite crystalline growths ( the number one cause of excessive self discharge and shorted cells ) from limiting product's ability to utilize battery's full capacity
  • A safe, truly convenient fast charge that extends the product's run time and battery life
  • PULSE POWERTM's unique soft-start conditioning prior to fast charge, and reverse pulses during fast charge stabilize new batteries and neglected batteries and maintains healthy batteries
  • At end-of-life, battery capacity decreases gracefully and predictable using the PULSE POWERTM method. Overcharge methods cause abrupt, untimely battery failures
  • For any type and size, cell characteristics vary: manufacturer -to- manufacturer, lot -to- lot, cell -to- cell
  • Individual cell characteristics vary in response to charging depending on: idle time, state-of-discharge, temperature, age, etc
  • Multicell battery packs vary all the more due to the above
  • Switch back and forth between NiMH,Li Ion, and NiCd packs with varying Amp-Hr packs
  • NASA found that PULSE POWERTM ICs produce the highest charge and the lowest heat compared to negative slope and brute force methods
  • This technology has been selected by NASA for space shuttle and space station programs


Pulse PowerTM Charger How it Works

CONVENTIONAL CHARGERS cause oxidizing gas bubbles to build up on your battery's cell plates, robbing your battery of more and more charge capacity over time. Result...premature battery failure.  
PULSE POWERTM pulses continuously to disperse gas from your cell plates, preventing memory effect and ensuring a full charger at all times. It even revives old batteries you thought were beyond repair.  


Pulse PowerTM Charger Its all in the cycle...

Just set your battery in this charger anytime. Inside the charger, our proprietary circuitry and patented microprocessor sends power to the battery in one second pulses, conditioning as it charges. PULSE POWERTM completes the charging cycle in about an hour. The Micro-conditioning Cycle™ more deep discharging is necessary. PULSE POWERTM prevents memory effect, while charging a battery to the optimal maximum designed level in a fraction of time of most chargers"Negative Pulse Technology"™ is the difference! Our charging system monitors the battery's charge level and other key battery characteristics to give You the perfect charge every time. When our charging cycle is complete, the unit then switches to maintenance mode, keeping your battery fully charged and ready for use without "frying the battery with overheating, as do many of our competitors. Remember, if your battery in the charger becomes hot to the touch, you have problem..

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