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Case Id: HD0000002214012

Summary: Licensing Requirements

Description: I am giving a ham class some of the people have 10 meter only radios most of them wind up on cb.all of them can be modified for cb have have told them they are not fcc approved for ham use.are there any 10 meter only radios approved for ham radio.they import them into the US by the container full but never hear them on the band bands

Solution Description: Dear Mr. Johnson,

The FCC's rules do not require amateur radio transmitters, except amplifiers, to be certificated under the equipment authorization process. Receivers in amateur radio equipment must be approved under Part 2 or Part 15.

"10 meter only" transceivers may be used on the 10 meter band but not in any other radio service. They can not be approved for use in CB. They are imported as "amateur radio equipment" to get around the CB radio certification requirements.

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